Bethlehem Cultural Festival

Majnoun Leila – Alrowwad Centre for Arts and Culture

Alrowwad Theatre

Event date : 05/12/2021
Start time (UK) : 1:00 pm
Start time (Palestine) : 3:00 pm
Approximate running time : 60 mins

A performance of ‘Majnoun Leila’, a play produced by choreographer and artistic director Philippe Talard, by the Alrowwad theatre company.

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Inspired by the famous pre-Islamic poem ‘Laila and Majnoun’, as well as the political context in Palestine, this play was created by Philippe Talard in collaboration with the Commission for detainees and ex-detainees, the YMCA Rehabilitation Program and Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society. The work started in July, with training workshops at Alrowwad involving six ex-detained children from Hebron through the YMCA Rehabilitation Program. The story of Majnoun and Laila is deeply rooted in Arab culture, just as Romeo and Juliet is in western culture.