Bethlehem Cultural Festival


Friday 3rd December 2021


The power of the vine: How winemakers are changing perceptions of the Middle East

Wine talk with Fadi Kattan, Faouzi Issa and Sari Khoury

Date: Friday 3rd Dec 2021
Time : 17:00 (UK)

Duration : 50 min

Fadi Kattan in conversation with Faouzi Issa from Lebanon and Sari Khoury from Palestine about the production of wine and the rich heritage of vineyards and wine-making from across the region. In a last minute change, Michael Karam is unable to do talk tonight but Fadi kattan will be joining us instead.


Haifa Zangana, Victoria Brittain

“Power is the ability not just to tell the story of another person, but to make it the definitive story of that person”

Haifa Zangana, Victoria Brittain

Date: Friday 3rd Dec 2021
Time : 18:10 (UK)

Duration : 40 mins

A discussion between Iraqi writer Haifa Zangana and journalist Victoria Brittain about Palestinian women who have written about their experiences as ex-prisoners. They also discuss The Palestine Book Awards, and how it offers an important platform for Palestinian voices.


Arts and its place within the community

Abdelfattah Abusrour, Brigid Keenan, William Sterling and Charlotte Eagar

Date: Friday 3rd Dec 2021
Time : 18:50 (UK)

Duration : 60 mins

What is ‘Beautiful Resistance,’ and what role can cultural activity play within the community? Abdelfattah Abusrour, Brigid Keenan and Charlotte Eagar discuss their work in refugee camps across Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon.


Hawwiya Dabka

Hawiyya Dabke Dance

Hawiyya Dance Company

Date: Friday 3rd Dec 2021
Time : 19:50 (UK)

Duration : 10 mins

Hawiyya Dance Company was founded in 2017 as an all-women’s collective that explores identity, culture and resistance through dance. The collective uses Dabke and contemporary dance forms to create interwoven narratives of identity, displacement and resistance. 

The culturally diverse dancers are united in their commitment to the Palestinian cause, and to other anti-racist and anti-imperialist struggles. Their aim is to raise awareness on silenced human-rights causes and demonstrate solidarity through dance and culture.

Photo credit : Migration Matters


A Person Can Only Be Born in One Place

Ahmed Najar, Ashraf Afifi, Aimee Shalan

Date: Friday 3rd Dec 2021
Time : 20:00 (UK)

Duration : 50 mins

Palestinian playwrights and theatre directors Ahmed Najar, London, and Ashraf Afifi, Gaza, are excited to bring to London the play ‘A person can only be born in one place.’  It brings to the stage the tension, tragedy and irony of a Palestinian man who wants peace and quiet in death, but is disturbed by the sound of rockets and attacks, reminding him that he has to provide safety for his daughter, as a Jewish settler from the United States is trying to take his home.

This will be followed by a short film about the lives of artists in Gaza, and a discussion between Ahmed Najar, Ashraf Afifi and Aimee Shalan on the impact of the occupation on Palestinian artists in Gaza and the diaspora.

In partnership with British Council


Faris Ishaq and Saied Silbak

Faris Ishaq and Saied Silbak

Date: Friday 3rd Dec 2021
Time : 21:00 (UK)

Duration : 30 mins

Another first for Bethlehem Cultural Festival! 

Musicians Faris Ishaq on Nay and Saied Silbak on Oud will be joining forces to play together for the first time ever. They are kindly jumping into action after the sad news that the Galilee Quartet had to cancel after the recently introduced 2 day PCR tests made a trip to the UK infeasible.



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