Bethlehem Cultural Festival


Bethlehem Cultural Festival is the first of its kind – a celebration of the not so little town of Bethlehem in Palestine. 

Bethlehem Cultural Festival was launched digitally in 2020. A virtual celebration of Bethlehem and Palestine’s rich and diverse cultural scene through music, film, dance, cookery and panel discussion. This year the festival will run from 2nd to 5th December 2021, with events throughout the year in the lead up to then.

From 3rd to 7th December 2020, at the end of an extraordinary year, this famous town in Palestine presented events through pre-recorded performances, short films and live panel discussions.

People across the world for centuries, have come together to sing carols and present Nativity plays at this festive time of year. We came together digitally to remind everyone of the importance of this town and its people – not just historically and geographically but through its arts and cultural scene too.

Renowned Bethlehem theatres, arts and cultural centres and individuals along with up and coming young artists and film makers have a platform to showcase their work. In 2021 we are planning a hybrid of digital and physical events in Palestine and the UK from December 2nd to 5th.

Bethlehem – a shining star in Palestine

Ahlan wa sahlan – welcome


Festival co-directors: Melissa Scott; Michele Cantoni; Abdelfattah Abusrour; Huda al-Imam; Nadeen Baboun

Palestine festival: Michele Cantoni; Huda al-Imam; Abdelfattah Abusrour; Fadi Kattan; Nadeen Baboun; George Al-Ama; Samar Haddad-King; Elias Anastas; Yousef Anastas; Nadya Hazboun; Mahmoud Muna; Angela Feeney; Leila Sansour

Festival producers: Ben Pugh and Kieran Enticknap

UK festival: Gizelia Barosso Rossi; Lucy Lyon; Angela Feeney; Mandy Turner

UK education outreach: Ingrid Van Loo; Niul Dillon Hatcher

Bethlehem film crew: Mohamed Abu Haniyeh; Wisam Aljafari

Branding: Caroline Hagen (Reach)

Festival consultant: Jonathan Brown

Website design: Andy Webb (Dreamabstract)

UK registered charity number 1185770: Friends of Bethlehem UK