Bethlehem Cultural Festival

Baladi Dabka Performance and Dance Class

Baladi Dance Group

A performance of the traditional Palestinian folk dance, ‘Dabka’, from the Baladi Dance Group. There’s also a participatory class so you can learn at home, too!


About Baladi Center for Culture and Arts

Baladi Center for Culture and Arts is an independent artistic cultural center based on voluntary work, and believes in the positive change of the society and the acceptance of the other. It is the continuation of Baladi Dance Group, which was founded in 1991 in the city of Beit Jala by a group of promising young people with the aim of preserving and transmitting our inherent Palestinian heritage from one generation to another in order consolidate and strengthen the Palestinian identity in our land. In addition to challenging the attempt of the occupation authorities at that time to deny and obliterate our ancient roots and our inherent heritage.

Since its establishment, “Baladi” started touring various Palestinian cities, villages and camps where it performed artistic folkloric shows embodying the ancient Palestinian “Dabkeh”, and it also had musical performances and patriotism songs some of them were from the group’s lyrics and melodies.

“Baladi”’s successes did not stop there but its performances had reached the international stage by performing at many international festivals in France, Spain and Romania.

In 2015, “Baladi” received the official registration from the Palestinian Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Interior under the name of “Baladi Center for Culture and Arts”. This great achievement came as a result of the big efforts that has been done by many group members to have the group transform into an official center for culture and Art.