Bethlehem Cultural Festival

A culinary journey through Bethlehem (Film)

Fadi Kattan

Palestinian chef Fadi Kattan takes us on a journey through the Bethlehem Souks in his video -sourcing ingredients and cooking a traditional dish, while sharing with us Palestine’s rich food culture. 

The video will be immediately followed by a live conversation between Fadi Kattan and Thomasina Miers – Founder of the Wahaca chain of Mexican street food restaurants.

About Fadi Kattan

Fadi is an authority on modern Palestinian cuisine, and has featured in many international publications including BBC News, The Guardian, Monocle, and N Lifestyle (UAE), as well as Jamie Oliver’s televised exploration of the region, and Jancis Robinson’s travelogue.

Fadi grew up in Bethlehem where he inherited his love of food from his two grandmothers. He would travel to France and Switzerland for family holidays, and went on to live in Paris and London for several years while he studied hotel management at the Institut Vatel. In 2015 Fadi opened his own restaurant, Fawda, in Bethlehem. Alongside his restaurant, he pioneered the region’s first food tours, where visitors could explore the markets of Bethlehem, meet farmers and artisans, and taste unusual herbs, raw cheese and fresh taboun bread.

Fadi’s approach to food is informed by his passion for sharing the stories of the localforagers, gardeners, farmers and cooks that have shaped the culinary heritage of Palestine.