Bethlehem Cultural Festival



The latest intercultural musical journey of piano-violin duo CharqGharb – Mira Abualzulof & Lamar Elias

CharqGharb شرق غرب is a duet composed of two Palestinian musicians, Mira Abualzulof (Piano) and Lamar Elias (violin). It was created in 2018 with the intention of reviving oriental music pieces and encouraging the public to listen more to instrumental music and ultimately introduce a new style of music ” fusion” which mixes oriental and occidental music.

The duet arranges oriental lyrical and instrumental pieces in a way, to make it closer to the ears of a multicultural public. They also compose their own pieces inspired from both styles.  Through their compositions and creations, they baptize the two cultures to create a new style of fusion. Their improvisations on stage are combined from the oriental maqams and the western classical harmony.

The duet has released a new musical production entitled “Mishwar”, a project that combined several international collaborations with various artists. They have also participated in various international festivals & events and are currently residing in Toulouse, France.