Bethlehem Cultural Festival

Olive oil – its heritage and health benefits

Tunisia/Palestinian olive oil

Dr Poole will introduce the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet while Heather Masoud (Zaytoun) and Karim Fitouri guide us through olive oil production in Tunisia and Palestine and a tasting session.

Dr Simon Poole

Dr Simon Poole MBBS DRCOG FBMA MIANE is a Cambridge-based medical doctor, author, broadcaster and commentator and is an internationally renowned authority on the science and application of the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle, explaining and celebrating the combination of wonderful ingredients in this beautiful cuisine which can add years to life. He is an expert scientific consultant on Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Olive Wellness Institute.

Heather Masoud

Heather Masoud

Co-founder & Operations Director

Heather visited Palestine in 2003 to join human rights observers in accompanying farmers to harvest their fruit. The trip was a life-changing one, after learning about the scale of injustice first-hand it was impossible not to become further involved. Heather has a Masters in Natural Resource Management and a long-term interest in trade justice.
“This was taken at Canaan’s olive harvest festival in Jenin – the olive oil fresh from the press and dancing the dabke in the olive groves is an annual highlight.”

Karim Fitouri