Bethlehem Cultural Festival

Syriacs of Bethlehem

George Kiraz, Jacob Norris

George Kiraz discusses the importance of the Syriacs in Bethlehem and their contribution to the artistic and religious life of Bethlehem, as well as his recently published book, Water the Willow Tree – Memoirs of a Bethlehem Boyhood.

Jacob Norris

Jacob Norris is a Senior Lecturer in Middle Eastern History at the University of Sussex. His latest research looks at the history of Bethlehem with a focus on the town’s intimate connections to global movements of people, goods and ideas. His publications include: “Mobile homes: the refashioning of Palestinian merchant homes in the late Ottoman period,” Jerusalem Quarterly (2020) and “Exporting the Holy Land: artisans and merchant migrants in Ottoman-era Bethlehem,” Journal of Middle East Migration Studies (2013).