Bethlehem Cultural Festival

The Law and the Prophets Screening

Post-screening Q&A with Jonathan Cook and Abdelfattah Abusrour

Meet the brave and determined individuals working to expose the destructive, unjust, and sometimes invisible ways in which Israel exploits and oppresses Palestinians. Since June 1967, Israel has controlled the lives of the Palestinians living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Over the course of fifty years, this control has become more sophisticated, more systematic, and harder to recognize. This film shines a light on those struggling to fight the injustices embedded within the Israeli occupation of Palestinians in the West Bank and those living in Israel.

Post-screening Q&A with Jonathan Cook and Abdelfattah Abusrour (until 22.10)

*Please note this event has now sold out*

Dr Abdelfattah Abusrour

Abdelfattah Abusrour is founder and director of Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society, established in 1998 in Aida refugee camp-Bethlehem. His concept and philosophy “Beautiful Resistance”, using performing and visual arts, culture and education, is a creative and peaceful expression in situations of oppression and trauma to provide possibilities to save lives and inspire hope and build peace within individuals to be peace builders in their communities and beyond.

Dr Abdelfattah Abusrour

Jonathan Cook

Jonathan Cook is an award-winning British journalist. He was based in Nazareth, Israel, for 20 years. He returned to the UK in 2021. He is the author of three books on the Israel-Palestine conflict and was awarded the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism in 2011.