Bethlehem Cultural Festival

An Afternoon of Palestinian Short Films

Introduction from Ahmed Najar

Garden Cinema
Event date : 02/12/2023
Start time (UK) : 1:30 pm
Location : Garden Cinema, 39-41 Parker Street London WC2B 5PQ
Approximate running time : 90 minutes

The Bethlehem Cultural Festival and The Arab Film Club present an afternoon of Palestinian short films. Ahmed Najar, an actor and writer from Gaza, will be introducing this screening at the Garden Cinema.

The programme includes:

Said The Dove To The Olive Tree (13 mins) by Amira Al Shanti 
The Parrot (18 mins) by Darin J. Sallam and Amjed Rashid
Ave Maria (15 mins) by Oscar nominated Basil Khalil
Roof Knocking (12 mins) by Sina Salimi
Night (16 mins) by Ahmad Saleh
The Present (24 mins) by Bafta Award winning Farah Nabulsi

Curated by Sarah Agha

Tickets: £10 + 78p booking fee.  The ticket price contributes to Bethlehem Cultural Festival’s costs towards the venue hire. You can also choose to make an additional optional donation to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP). Donations to MAP can also be made on the night.

Please consider making a donation when registering to help support the work of the Festival.

Garden Cinema

Ahmed Najar

Ahmed Najar is a Palestinian director, playwright and dabke expert from Gaza. He has written and directed several productions. In 2021, he wrote, directed and presented the play “God’s Promise” in London. He lives in London where he engages in advocacy and education regarding Palestinian Human Rights and Palestinian Culture.

Ahmed Najar

A final title raising awareness about the situation in Gaza will be announced soon.These films demonstrate how the Palestinian people, in spite of ever-increasing restrictions and oppressions, discover new and inventive ways to elevate themselves from the confines of their situation, to tell their stories and raise their voice. The films are a reminder never to underestimate the power of film and that Palestine is not a hopeless cause. The spirit, resilience and steadfastness of the people shines through in all of these films, each in a different, unique way.

The Arab Film Club