Bethlehem Cultural Festival

Water the Willow Tree Book Launch

Water the Willow Tree

Thursday 14 July 2022 5pm UK / 7pm Palestine

Water the Willow Tree – Memoirs of a Bethlehem Boyhood by George A Kiraz

Bethlehem Cultural Festival and Educational Bookshop, Jerusalem invite you to the online book launch of George A Kiraz’s book “Water the Willow Tree” on Thursday 14th July at 5pm UK/7pm Palestine time. George Kiraz will be in discussion with Sarah Irving and Jacob Norris with an introduction by Mahmoud Muna from the Educational Bookshop

Jacob Norris is Senior Lecturer in Middle Eastern and Global History at the University of Sussex, UK. His forthcoming book explores the migrations of Bethlehemites in the 19th and early 20th century and is titled The Lives and Deaths of Jubrail Dabdoub (Or How the Bethlehemites Discovered Amerka)

Sarah Irving is Lecturer in modern Middle Eastern history at Staffordshire University, UK. She has written extensively on Palestinian history during the mandate period and is currently researching the social history of the Jericho earthquake of 1927.