Bethlehem Cultural Festival

Born in Bethlehem

Al Harah Theatre

This stage play brings together Bethlehem’s place at the heart of the Holy Land, visited by the millions of pilgrims who pass hurriedly through it, and the ‘living stones’ who inhabit the “little town” (actually a city) and call it home. Beyond Christmas and the carols we glimpse the more difficult reality of living in modern-day Bethlehem through the eyes of its people, inviting us to enter in and learn more.

About the play

“Born in Bethlehem” is a play that aims to revive the Holy Land and remind the world of its past and its present. It is a play directed to audiences all over the world to tell the story of Bethlehem, and its contemporary, living stones — the Palestinian people who call Bethlehem “home” every day of the year.

Bethlehem is the city where all the world throngs at Christmas and the place where pilgrims dream to visit during their lifetime. This Holy City, like all Palestinian cities, has been through great difficulties in the last decade, due to the Israeli Occupation, including military incursions, closures and curfews imposed on the Palestinians. The Holy City where Jesus was born has been neglected by the world. Along with other Palestinian cities and villages, Bethlehem has been cut off and isolated by the Israeli-imposed division of the West Bank into northern and southern regions, because of the construction of Israel’s “separation” barrier, known as the segregation wall.

The Palestinian people who cherish life, and who believe in peace – based on justice for all – are inviting you all to come to visit, organize events, and learn more about the different historical and contemporary places in Palestine.

In “Born in Bethlehem” a tour guide uses two actors to help tell the Biblical story in a creative way. But will the actors be able to continue telling the Biblical story without reference to the contemporary life of the Palestinian people?

About the Al Harah Theatre

Al-Harah Theatre aims to produce theatre that is well-crafted yet moving, challenging yet accessible and, essentially, honest. We believe that theatre has the potential to change the lives of those who make it and those who watch it. Our mission is to promote a high dramatic standard whilst remaining accessible. Through both our performances and our educational work we hope to bring compelling stories in one of the last uncensored spaces to audiences throughout Palestine, the Arab World, and beyond.

Al-Harah Theatre produces two plays for children and two plays for young people every year. Local tours and performances are organized all over the West Bank towns, villages, and refugee camps. Weekly

training sessions for children and young people in drama and theatre are conducted by specialized trainers. Al-Harah Theatre makes it a necessity to develop the capacity of their staff and members by organizing and participating in workshops.

Al-Harah organizes an annual Street Festival and parade in the Bethlehem area. “Yalla Yalla” Festival is an exciting event for all members of the family.

Al-Harah opened in 2014 the first Performing Arts Training Center in Palestine for six technical fields in Light, Sound, Costume, Scenography design and making, stage management and managing artistic projects.

Director & Dramaturge : Sami Metwasi
Text : Al-Harah Theater Team
Actors : Riham Isaac, Fuad Hindieh, Nicola Zreineh
Lighting Design: Mohammed Awwad
Multimedia : Johnny Zreineh
Set Design : Sami Metwasi
Costumes : Stella Barham
Music : Sami Metwasi, Traditional Palestinian Music
Voice : Ruba Subhi
Guitar : Johnny Zreineh
Technician : Issam Rishmawi
Recording : Mega Studio
Produced by : Marina Barham – Al-Harah Theater 2007