Bethlehem Cultural Festival

Alrowwad Dabka Dance Performance

Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society

Founded in 1988 as an essential way to give children a means for self-expression, Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society perform a traditional Palestinian and Dabka Dance

The Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Centre is an independent non-political and non-governmental association in the Aida refugee camp. Alrowwad was founded in 1998 as an essential way to give children a means for self-expression and resilience, with the philosophy of “ Beautiful Resistance”. Alrowwad believes in the cultivation of creativity as an alternative to violence in seeking justice. Using performance and visual arts as well as education so that the individual can find a peaceful way of self-expression and in order that they might be the peace-builders of their community in the future. 

Alrowwad works locally, and tours with its theatre and dance shows internationally. Their programmes include Arts (theatre, dance, music, photography and film making), education and a women’s  programme. Alrowwad has an active vocational training department (carpentry, food and artisanal work)

Their mobile programmes travel all over the West Bank and include theatre, dance, photography and video training as well as a playbus programme that creates games for educational and entertainment purposes with a focus on Palestinian/Arab identity. 

Alrowwad is a pioneering initiative that has launched many innovative programmes:

1.   The first professionally trained children theatre troupe that has toured internationally in Europe, USA, and UK

2.   The first outdoor film festival projecting on to the wall of expansion and annexation surrounding Aida camp

3.   The first Palestinian Folktales festival

4.   The first Mobile Beautiful Resistance programme

5.   The first playbus programme in the West Bank

6.   The first Images for Life programme in a refugee camp – training professional photography and video while offering diplomas in journalism

7.   The first professional and vocational training programme in a Palestinian refugee camp