Bethlehem Cultural Festival

Tag: Dance

Hawwiya Dabka Dance

Hawiyya Dance Company was founded in 2017 as an all-women’s collective that explores identity, culture and resistance through dance. The collective uses Dabke and contemporary dance forms to create interwoven narratives of identity, displacement and resistance. 

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Flash Mob in Manger Square

Dabke celebrations in Manger Square as the 2021 Bethlehem Cultural Festival is launched.

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An Afrodabkeh Dance performance

130 Dancers from five Palestinian governorates are participating in this production.

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Dabka and Irish Dancing Collaboration

A Dabka and Irish dancing collaboration performance, uniting the two traditional dances from Palestine and Ireland

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Alrowwad Dabka Dance Performance

Alrowwad Arts & Cultural Centre perform a traditional Palestinian and Dabka Dance

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Baladi Dabka Performance and Dance Class

A performance and a class in the traditional Palestinian folk dance – ‘Dabka’

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