Bethlehem Cultural Festival

Category: Recipes

Day Five, Dish Five: Mujadara

The Mujadara :  Ingredients For 4 people 1 ½ cup of green dry lentils1 tsp of cumin1 tsp of coriander4 red onions2 cups of medium grain rice1 tsp of cinnamon 1 tsp of sugar½ cup of…
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Day Four, Dish Four: Mutabal o Kmaj

Ingredients : 2 large eggplants2 tbs of lemon juice4 tbs of tahini2 garlic cloveBit of salt4 tbs of olive oil½ tsp of coriander ½ tsp of cumin½ tsp of chilly flakes ( optional) Char the eggplant…
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Day Three, Dish Three: Maftoul

" Maftoul or Marma'on as we call it in Bethlehem is a winter dish that I adore. The broth is deep, intense and the maftoul grains resonate the taste of the land. Today I prepared…
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Day Two, Dish Two: Burbara

A special Palestinian recipe from Chef Fadi Kattan... " Burbara celebrates the feast of Saint Barbara. The story says she converted to Christianism and her father was extremely upset. She hid from him in a…
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Day One, Dish One: Musakhan

A special Palestinian recipe from Chef Fadi Kattan..." Musakhan symbolises for me one of those seasonal dishes that celebrate Palestine's terroir and olive oil. What better than to have a musakhan dripping with freshly pressed…
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