Bethlehem Cultural Festival

Tag: Film

In Vitro

A remarkable film from this world-renowned filmmaker who uses science fiction to address social and political issues.

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While We Wait

This short film focuses on a multisensory, meditative installation shown in Palestine and London

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Ibrahim Handal, Baha AbuShanab, Wisam Al Jafari - 3 documentaries

Screening of 3 award-winning documentaries about life in Bethlehem, by three graduates of Dar Al-Kalima University College of Arts & Culture

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Introduction to Bethlehem

Produced by the Bethlehem Municipality, take a virtual tour of Bethlehem and experience Bethlehem through the eyes of a tourist

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Welcome to Bethlehem

“Welcome to Bethlehem” a short film giving you a glimpse into daily life in Bethlehem

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